Cheap renewable energy and £50 credit for switching!

Go Green with Octopus and get £50 credited to your account. Click here to use referral code

How it works

Get a friend or family member to join Octopus and when they make the switch, using your referral code, you both get £50 towards your next bill. Super easy!

You basically have nothing to lose. Not only do you join a green energy company but you can also save money on your energy bills and help save the planet.

What was most significant about the lunar voyage was not that man set foot on the Moon but that they set eye on the earth.

By the way, your friend can also get £50 credit if they refer another friend. You can refer as many people as you want because there is no limit to the number of referrals you can make. For example, If you manage to get 10 people to switch to Octopus, that’s a whopping £500! I spoke to one customer who has referred over 20 people.

8 Benefits of Switching To Octopus Energy

1. Fair Prices Always

You can be rest assured that their prices will always be transparent and fair at all times. They will never lure you in with a cheap price only to increase it later in the future like some of the “big 6” energy companies do. On average, Octopus Energy customers save around £222 when compared to the other big 6 energy companies in the industry.

2. Renewable Energy

Octopus Energy offer 100% renewable energy tariffs, with none of the carbon dioxide emissions or other toxic and dangerous waste generated by fossil fuels; it is renewable which is best for the planet as a whole. They have invested long term in solar generation plants and have built 154 solar farms in the United Kingdom.

3. Refer a Friend

With their referral bonus scheme, you could end up not paying for your energy bill and getting it for free. £50 will be credited to your account when someone switches to Octopus, using your unique link. So imagine you refer a lot of people, you could end up paying nothing for your energy and Octopus will pay you if your account is in credit.

4. Quick & Easy Switch

Unlike the other big 6 in the industry, your switch to Octopus will be fast and stress free. Throughout the switching period (usually around 17 days), there will be no restrictions to your energy supply, no engineer visit is needed for the switch; all they need is your home address. To take it even further, they’ll inform your previous supplier about the switch so you don’t have to, thus saving you precious time.

5. Dedicated & Professional Support Team

With Octopus, rest assured you will be getting a support team with expert opinions and knowledge of the industry. They have an excellent Customer Service that will give you 100% full assistance if you need any help or want your questions answered. With the structure they have in place, it’s very easy to get in touch either by phone or you can have a live chat with a member of staff through the Facebook Messenger service.

6. Transparent & Understandable Bills

The bill you get is clear and precise, itemising the energy you have used and what the corresponding charges are. There is no wastage or hidden charges; you simply pay for what you’ve actually used. This works by giving them your meter readings at the end of your billing cycle so there will be no discrepancies and you get an accurate bill.

7. No Long Term Contracts

While other energy companies try to rope you into a long term contract that will be difficult to get out from, with Octopus Energy you can leave at any time. You do not have to pay any exit fees as there is no long term contract so it’s easier to leave because they want the best for you and want you to be happy. There is no penalty for exiting.

8. Huge Savings

An Octopus energy customer gets huge savings on their energy bills. When compared to the other big 6 in the industry, their customers save on average £222 and they even had a customer who saved £582 in 1 minute 17 seconds. That is enough to pay for a summer holiday or a brand new TV set.

So why not Go Green with Octopus and get £50 credited to your account?

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